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Millions of Yemenis are in urgent need

After years of bitter conflict, Yemen is on the brink of humanitarian catastrophe.

Worsening violence has disrupted the lives of millions, resulting in widespread casualties and massive displacement. Over 2.3 million Yemenis have been forced to flee their homes and a staggering 22.2 million across the country are in need of humanitarian assistance.  The country’s brutal four-year conflict has left millions of people on the brink of starvation. Some have resorted to eating leaves just to stay alive.

Severe malnutrition, sustained conflict and a lack of humanitarian access have produced devastating effects. Without immediate help, even basic survival is at threat. UNHCR is on the ground providing humanitarian relief and protection across Yemen to hundreds of thousands of displaced people. We are delivering cash and emergency supplies, providing families with shelter and keeping them safe from harm. You can help families like Siham’s to meet their most urgent needs, including food, rent and medicine, while in displacement.

You can help now and help Yemeni families access food, rent and medicine while they are displaced. Act now to provide a lifeline to Yemeni refugees.