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Thousands of refugee families are desperately waiting for assistance.

You can give them the funds they need to survive.

Thousands of refugee families are living outside of camps in towns and urban centres. There, they must pay for everything, just like you and me. Most of these refugees, however, aren’t legally allowed to work and any funds they managed to bring with them have already dried up. They simply don’t have enough money to scrape together to pay the rent and buy food, medicine and other necessities of life.

With cash assistance, you can give families who have left everything behind the lifeline they need to survive: it will restore their dignity and allow them to meet their families’ unique, most immediate needs, whether it be rent, food, medication or warm clothing.

$93 of every $100 donated goes directly to a family in need.

With no overhead or administrative fees, except for minimal bank charges, cash assistance is one of the most direct and effective ways to help refugees.

Please, give generously with a 100% tax-deductible donation to UNHCR today. Refugee families can’t wait much longer.