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Yemen remains the worst humanitarian crisis in the world with over 20 MILLION people in need.

That represents 66% of the population of Yemen.

Years of conflict, economic decline and institutional collapse have created enormous humanitarian needs in all sectors. The risk of large-scale famine has never been more acute. Assessments confirm that more than 16 million people will go hungry this year, and nearly 50,000 are already living in famine-like conditions. At the same time, Yemen continues to grapple with the effects of cholera, COVID-19, forced displacement, protection risks and other serious challenges.

Without immediate help, even basic survival is at threat. Protection of civilians remains a major priority in Yemen.

Limited funding restricts the UNHCR's capacity to provide life-saving relief. Without help, many more lives will be lost to violence, treatable illnesses or lack of food, water and shelter. 

You can help now and help Yemeni families access food, rent and medicine while they are displaced.

“Abandoning Yemen now is not an option” — Jean-Nicolas Beuze, UNHCR Representative in Yemen


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