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Heavy floods devastate displaced and host communities in Sudan.

125,000 refugees and internally displaced people have been affected in total.

Heavy seasonal rains have caused flash floods and rivers to burst their banks, including the Nile in the capital Khartoum and its twin city Omdurman, and affected thousands of internally displaced people, refugees and host communities in Sudan.

Homes and community buildings have been badly damaged and destroyed leaving many in desperate need of shelter. Some have lost all their previous possessions and have been left facing the prospect of starting over again from scratch.

Many of those affected had been previously displaced by conflict and were already facing loss of income due to the economic challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now struggling to meet even their most basic needs.

UNHCR and partners, in collaboration with the Government of Sudan, are providing emergency aid to affected populations in White Nile, including plastic sheeting to 3,500 refugees in Al Jameya camp and 65,000 other displaced and host community in the state.To mitigate flooding in the camp, UNHCR, in partnership with the host community and refugees, unblocked some drainage channels with a tractor to restore the flow of water.

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