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Nobody should have to flee their homes because of who they are or who they love.

All around the world, LGBTIQ+ people face persecution and violence on a daily basis. Please help us protect them.

Currently, 70 countries around the world criminalize same-sex relations and 7 countries punish same-sex relations with the death penalty. Even in countries where homosexuality is not prosecuted, people with diverse genders or sexual identities can face discrimination, isolation and violence from their community and families. Without a safe place to turn, many are forced to flee and become refugees to find protection. 

"I met my partner Miral on Instagram. We knew we were in danger and we tried to escape…We never imagined that there would be a place in the world where we could walk around freely, hold hands and kiss publicly. When we first arrived in Toronto, we were so happy that we cried." - Nouran, from Egypt

Persecuted members of the LGBTIQ+ community have a right to seek asylum and register as refugees with UNHCR. We are working to ensure that all UNHCR offices and registration facilities are welcoming, safe spaces, and that LGBTIQ+ refugees can access safe shelter, psychological and medical care and cash assistance to help them back on their feet. We also seek to resettle LGBTIQ+ refugees to third countries where possible, so that they can live in a safer place where their identity is respected. 

You can provide protection to refugees forced to flee their homes due to persecution and discrimination. Please donate today.

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