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United in Music and UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency are joining together to help refugees tackle coronavirus.

COVID-19 is a situation unlike anything we have faced before. We are doing all we can to protect our families and communities—but imagine going through this crisis with no access to soap or clean water. Without a home to stay inside and isolate with your family. This is the reality for millions of refugees—and this is why we have chosen to help.

The UN Refugee Agency is the world’s leading organization aiding and protecting people forced to flee their homes due to violence, conflict and persecution. Around the clock, UNHCR is delivering lifesaving supplies and support to refugees facing the coronavirus pandemic—but they need more support to face this virus.

With our help, UNHCR can:

  • Ensure clean water and soap are readily available
  • Provide lifesaving information to family
  • Airlift medical aid and hygiene items to areas affected by the virus
  • Increase the number of hand-washing stations in refugee camps
  • Equip healthcare workers with the supplies and training they need


Refugees and displaced people cannot tackle this pandemic alone—please donate today

$20 can provide 10 families with bars of soap to help prevent the spread of the virus

$60 can fund training for students to teach them about the importance of health and hygiene practices

$100 can construct one tube well to provide clean water to a refugee community

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