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Refugee Zakat Fund

Refugee Families Need Your Zakat

It takes seconds to help families afford shelter, food, water and medicine to get from one Ramadan to the next.

100% of funds are distributed to displaced persons.

  • $55 can help 3 refugees afford basic essentials for one month
  • $219 can help 1 person afford basic essentials for a year
  • $493 can help a family afford basic essentials to the end of 2021


Calculate your Zakat

We’ve made the process easier with our Zakat Calculator. Enter your assets and liabilities in our calculator to figure out your contribution. Note: because nisab values can vary every year, we have based this calculator on the values for 2021.

As the third pillar of Islam, Zakat is mandatory for adult Muslims who fall over the threshold of Nisab. Use our Zakat calculator to quickly determine how much you should give.



UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund is Sharia compliant, backed by 10 fatwas from leading Muslim scholars and institutions, including the Canadian Council of Imams.

60% of today’s refugees and IDPs are from OIC countries and fall under 4 out of 8 Zakat categories as mentioned in the Quaraan: Poor (Al Foqara’), Needy (Al Masakeen), Debtors (Al Gharimin), Wayfarers (Abna’ Al Sabeel)

If you experience any issues processing your gift please contact our Donor Care team at [email protected] or 416-729-4985.

Dedicate Your Zakat

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