Donate today to help millions of refugees who need life-saving care.

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Provide life-saving assistance to Rohingya refugees this Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan is bittersweet for refugee and displaced families who are observing Ramadan far from their homes and communities, faced with poverty, hardship and uncertainty.

Every Sadaqah donation means the difference between a hungry child and a table of food; between a family on the streets and a mother able to provide warmth and shelter to her children; between an orphan alone and an act of care for every child. Every gift is the difference between hope and despair for a refugee family in desperate need.

  • $18 can help 1 refugee afford food, shelter, water and medicine for one month
  • $55 can help 3 refugees afford basic essentials for one month
  • $219 can help 1 person afford basic essentials for a year
  • $493 can help a family afford basic essentials to the end of 2021
  • $657 can help 3 people afford basic essentials for a year
  • $1,095 can help 1 family afford basic essentials for a year


Your gift can provide clean water, food, shelter and protection to vulnerable refugee families. Please act now.

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