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Shelter Kits needed for Rohingya Refugees

Your help is urgently needed to provide 1,000 shelter kits to 1,000 Rohingya families

Extreme winds and rains are threatening the well-being of the 880,000 Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh. Fragile shelters are at risk of collapsing, with the added fear of flooding.

  • $108 can provide 2 Rohingya refugee families with enough bamboo so they can rebuild their shelter after it has been destroyed by the monsoon in Bangladesh
  • $279 can provide a shelter kit to 3 Rohingya families, including waterproofing plastic tarpaulins, materials like rope, wire and iron pegs as well as bamboo to rebuild or reinforce the family shelter
  • $402 can provide a shelter kit, sleeping mats and bedsheets to 3 Rohingya refugee families


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"I’ve been a monthly donor for more than six years, and it’s been very rewarding. When I hear about the refugee crisis on the news, I know I’m not just a bystander – I’m actively doing something to help these families, every single month. It’s an incredibly satisfying feeling.”
— Rapinder, UNHCR monthly donor

We are aiming to raise $93,000 to provide 1,000 shelter kits:


You can make a difference and bring hope to Rohingya refugees today with a 100% tax-deductible donation to UNHCR. Our supporters make our work possible—only 1% of UNHCR’s budget comes from the UN.


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