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Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is facing a major humanitarian and displacement crisis.

An estimated over 700,000 Afghans have been displaced inside the country since the start of 2021 primarily due to insecurity and violence. Natural disasters like earthquakes are shattering already devastated communities.

The needs of those who have had to flee suddenly are acute. UNHCR and partners are assisting newly displaced Afghans with emergency shelter, food, health, water and sanitation support and cash assistance, despite challenges in accessing vulnerable groups.

UNHCR, as part of the broader UN country team will stay and deliver for the Afghan people as long as we have access to populations in need.

How your gifts can help:

  • Around $92 is enough to provide a kit of core relief items (including blankets, sleeping mats, jerrycans, a bucket, mosquito nets and kitchen set) to a refugee family in Pakistan.
  • Around $314 could provide 100 sleeping mats to those affected by the displacement crisis in Afghanistan.
  • $541 is enough to provide an emergency shelter kit (including a family tent and 2 plastic tarpaulins) to a displaced family in Afghanistan, thus preserving their dignity and strengthening their safety.


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