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The Climate Crisis is a Human Crisis

The climate crisis is no longer a distant threat. It’s happening right now, and those forced to flee by conflict are being hit the hardest.

Disasters like droughts, flooding, landslides and wildfires are destroying livelihoods and disrupting food security. Families are being separated, communities are being destroyed and millions of lives are at risk.

The Climate Crisis threatens millions of lives.

We must take action now to help those fleeing from conflict confront the climate crisis.

We must take action now to help those fleeing from conflict confront the climate crisis.

  • $116 could provide the resources needed to map out a forest intervention site in Uganda that helps mitigate the effects of climate change in the area.
  • $47 could provide a family of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh with a cooking kit powered by clean-burning, low carbon fuel.
  • $26 could provide an internally displaced family in Yemen with an energy-efficient traditional stove to make hot meals
  • $25/month could provide core relief items to a family that has been forced to flee in crisis
  • $35/month could help us stockpile emergency supplies in areas that are prone to extreme weather and provide training for displaced people on protecting their homes from disasters
  • $45/month could provide emergency shelter and reinforce existing shelters to protect against extreme weather conditions like flooding


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