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Winter support is needed

Help families in Afghanistan protect themselves this winter.

The situation on the ground in Afghanistan is already so challenging, winter makes it much worse.

This winter, UNHCR aims to distribute much needed humanitarian assistance to displaced Afghans.

As we continue to scale up our humanitarian response, more resources are urgently needed to reach all those who will need help to survive the harsh winter ahead.

How your gift helps:

  • $66 can provide 3 solar lanterns for a displaced Afghan family allowing access to practical, affordable, and clean energy.
  • $99 can provide a displaced Afghan family with warm blankets and 3 solar lanterns.
  • $150 can provide tent insulation materials to a displaced family in Afghanistan, helping to prevent heat loss and survival through the cold.
  • $280 can provide cash assistance to a displace family helping them to procure much needed fuel for heading and winter clothes to keep them warm during the harsh winter.


Give refugee families warmth and protection from the cold with a 100% tax-deductible donation to UNHCR.

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